JR.FM Network also known as EDM Radio, exploded on the music scene in 2013, seeking to give special exposure to EDM, Trance and House Music. Although its founder and CEO, Jorge Perilla, shares that the idea for building a US audience for global cutting edge music and production was burning within him for years, he first entered the scene through small DJ gigs, while creating his own internet radio and constantly discovering new music that needed a U.S. audience. These would be the type of listeners who would equally appreciate a unique style of presenting artists; artists who were standing apart from the crowd in their creation of phenomenal sound. Most were unknown in America, but had huge followings internationally. These included the Italian DJ, Giuseppe Ottaviani, who defines trance music’s energy in both approach and output, Germany’s Paul Van Dyk, a force that has dominated the electronic music charts for years, Swanky Tunes, the Russian trio that  swept the airwaves winning platinum discs in their home country and the Dutch DJ and electric, electro house producer, Dyro.

As for their ideal audience, JR.FM Network, is reaching out to people who love dance music and want to be at the head of the curve,  Record Label agencies, other famous Dj’s, and night clubs that want to be infused with the new and the exciting. With their studio located in New York City, itself, a global hub of the edgy, the different, the unforgettable in new music creation and production, they now look to the future. JR.FM Network is planning to promote major events around the world and in becoming a staple of NYC Radio FM.